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Technically adept, with an experienced team of staff, Anglia supports OEM and EMS companies in every sector of electronics manufacturing. Anglia's suppliers include some of the world's leading electronic component brands, complemented by many smaller companies with leadership in their chosen technologies.

Anglia stocks over 1 billion components from over 900,000 product lines in the UK. Components from every supplier are stocked in depth and breadth for same-day dispatch. Anglia aims to streamline logistics and reduce customers' transaction costs through services that include KAN-BAN, EDI, and customer-dedicated inventory, while an accurate, on-time delivery performance is a vital goal for the company.

Technical support spans a sampling service that delivers over £150,000 worth of free evaluation parts each year and expert technical advice from well-trained product specialists and face-to-face guidance from field applications engineers. Both commercially and technically, management of industry legislation and component obsolescence are recognised as areas of vital importance to customers.

A signatory of the ADS SC21 programme, the company holds AS9120, ISO9001 & ISO14001 accreditations and IECQ-CECC qualification. Anglia is driven by an ethic of ever-improving customer understanding and, as a privately owned business, aims to provide a fast, consistent and highly responsive service.

Watch the video: Anglia Examinations Speaking Exam - Intermediate Level (July 2022).


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