What is STEMlab: Red Pitaya STEMlab

What is STEMlab: Red Pitaya STEMlab

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The Red Pitaya STEMlab is one of the core products made by the company. It provides a very flexible and cost effective test and measurement solution that is very attractive for many applications, from teaching electronics, right through to high end specialist test, measurement and control applications.

STEMlab uses a PC, Mac, tablet or phone into an easy to use test instrument with the following capability: 2 channel oscilloscope, 2 channel signal generator, 8 channel logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer, LCR meter, Bode analyzer.

By connecting the STEMlab to a router, or directly to a PC using Ethernet of USB, and using a web browser the full functionality of the test instruments can be realised.

STEMlab basics

STEMLab is available in two versions which both offer the same functions and features, the difference is in the technical specification of high-frequency inputs and outputs, RAM capacity and some other differences (find more info in the comparison table below). They are addressed to target different groups and / or needs. Where STEMLab 125-14 has 14bit input / output channels for highly accurate measurement results in professional environments, STEMLab 125-10 has 10bit input / output channels and is perfect for universities, students and makers.

The STEMlab board is able to offer the functionality of a variety of different test instrumetns.

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Watch the video: Red Pitaya - Software Defined Radio SDR Transceiver (July 2022).


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