9 Adventurous, Architectural Hotels That Are Perfect for Your Vacation

9 Adventurous, Architectural Hotels That Are Perfect for Your Vacation

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There are hotels, and then there are hotels, jaw-dropping properties that have mastered the art of accommodation perfecting the balance between art, design, luxury, and architecture into one unforgettable experience.

So, where will you be venturing off to this year?

The right hotel goes beyond just having the right amenities. A truly magical hotel’s focal point is its design and architecture as well as that design’s relationship to the surrounding environment. A great hotel shouldn't be just a standard accommodation but a gateway into the local area.

It is still early, but you have probably already thought about where you will be traveling this year. If your New Year’s resolution centered around traveling to a place of adventure, you may want to check into one of the following hotels.

Singita Lebombo Lodge

What better way to start off than with a hotel that also operates as a safari lodge. Located in South Africa, the Singita Lebombo Lodge is a place that offers the perfect balance between adventure and comfort.

Beautifully touched with a mix of industrial and raw materials, the open air suites give lucky guests a tremendous view of the surrounding environment and the majestic N’wanetsi River.

The hotel was inspired by eagles’ nests with each of the rooms having a canopied roof made of branches, so guests can be touched by the South African sunlight.

On days that you are running through the African wild, you can get some R&R at the hotel’s library, media room, wine studio, 80-foot lap pool, a rooftop terrace, or outdoor fire pit.

Southern Ocean Lodge

Sometimes you want to just get completely away, free from the troubles and worries of city life.

The Australian Southern Ocean Lodge gives guests just that and much more. Located on the very remote Kangaroo Island, guests are treated to all the comforts of modern luxury and the stunning Australian environment.

Like something out of a timeless film, guests of the hotel are woken up each morning to the sounds of the ocean. The abodes are both simple but modern, with views centering around the surrounding environment.


Amangiri is one of the most unique and minimalistic hotels on this list. Based in Utah, the Amangiri design comes from a conscious effort to embody the deserts that populate the American Southwest.

The hotel effortlessly blends into the surrounding area, offering the guests the ultimate desert oasis.

The Interiors of the hotel feature a neutral range of exposed wood paired with black steel as well as stone floors and concrete walls. After taking your spiritual trip through the Utah wilderness, you can take a dip in the hotel’s massive open-air pool.

Tree Hotel

If you have always dreamed about having the perfect treehouse, then this hotel will help you live out your childhood fantasy.

Perfectly situated in the Swedish wilderness, the oddly charming Tree Hotel sits on a canopy.

The reflective glass on the hotel helps the accommodation camouflage itself and also provides privacy for the guests. The design itself has been described as a futuristic birdhouse.

Fogo Island Inn

For complete isolation, be sure to check in to the Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland Canada.

As one of the most remote hotels in the world, the Fogo Island Inn is set right above the North Atlantic Ocean, paying homage to the traditional fishing culture that still remains a core component of the area.

Guests who stay at the hotel are greeted by the wilderness from all sides, while the warm and modern interiors offer a happy blend of comfort with a touch of luxury.

Don’t worry about getting the perfect suite, as all the rooms have a spectacular view.

Tierra Patagonia

Besides the amazing culture and cuisine, Chile has one of the most spectacular environments in the world.

If you are planning to make a trip to Torres del Paine National Park, be sure to stop by Tierra Patagonia.

Again, this hotel does not detract from the environment at all. Guests of the hotel are treated to warm interiors all sourced from the local area.

No matter where you are in the hotel, you will always have the treat of seeing the spectacular vistas of the slate-blue Sarmiento Lake and the peaks of Paine Massif in the distance.

Marina Bay Sands

Probably one of the most popular places on this list, this hotel is iconic for multiple reasons.

If anything, the Marina Bay Sands hotel embodies modern and futuristic designs that have become a staple of the changing Singapore cultural climate.

Inside the hotel, there are well over 2500 rooms and suites, a shopping mall, a casino if you are feeling lucky, and even a museum.

The hotel itself comprises of three massive towers linked together by a sprawling ship shaped rooftop. While you are there, you have to step out onto the rooftop Skypark, which features one of the most Instagram friendly infinity pools in the world.

ION Adventure Hotel

Adventure is not far off when you stay at the ION Adventure Hotel. As part of Iceland’s mountainous lava fields, the hotel quaintly sits on the slopes of Mount Hengill near Thingvellir National Park.

The interiors of the hotel comprise of driftwood, organic linens, and natural materials. This is a great place to see the northern lights if it is on your list of things to experience.

VIVOOD Landscape Hotel

Another hotel perfectly situated in the beauty of nature, the VIVOOD Landscape Hotel is part of the diverse Spanish environment.

Situated between the Aitana and Serrella mountain ranges in southern Spain, the 25 cabin hotel has nothing but great views and an infinity pool that will be very hard to leave.

Cabins are minimalistic but very comfortable featuring a host of amenities that rival your own apartment or home.

Where would you stay?

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