Samsung Wants You to Find True Love with the Help of Your Fridge

Samsung Wants You to Find True Love with the Help of Your Fridge

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The idiom, ‘you are what you eat’ just got an update. Samsung has launched a dating app where users upload pictures of the contents of their fridge then get swiping to find a perfect match. It’s called ‘refrigerdating,’ and it's available now.

There was once a time when it was embarrassing to admit that you were online dating. Couples that met online often fabricated an ‘in-real-life’ story to avoid having to explain their digital origin story.

Everyone's doing it!

But all that has changed. Dating apps have become so ubiquitous that first Tinder exchanges are even being read out at wedding ceremonies.

Most dating apps require a user to upload photos and a short bio which is then perused by interested parties. You might look for a partner you find has great features, interesting hobbies, and a cute dog. But what about their love for mustard?

Fridge content reveal true selves

Samsung is having a go at revolutionizing the dating app landscape by ditching the selfies and instead of asking users to snap a pic of the contents of their fridge. The dating app was delivered as part of the promotion around the launch of the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.

With the app, you take a photo of the inside of your fridge and then scroll through other users photos swiping right to approve or left to reject. Owners of the Family Hub refrigerator don’t even need to use their smartphone; the fridge has an ingredient monitoring camera that takes the pic for you.

What does your fridge say about you?

Do you think you can find a future partner based on their fridge habits? While somewhat gimmicky, the fridge might just be the place that reveals our deepest truths.

Are you a clean freak or are smeary shelves ok? Are you vegetarian, vegan or a meat lover? Samsung believes that the inside of our fridge shows our most authentic selves.

"We hope people can meet under more honest or transparent circumstances with the help of the contents of the fridge because that can tell you a lot about the personality," said Elin Axelsson, PR manager at Samsung Electronics Nordic based in Sweden.

Swedish singles in need of help

The app was launched first in Sweden where almost half of all households in the country consist of a single adult without kids. If there is anywhere in the world that could do with some dating help, it seems Sweden is the place.

The app is now available worldwide, and you don’t need a Samsung handset to use it. Samsung says they worked with a relationship expert on the development of the app.

The tech and appliance company have a few pointers for first-time users, strongly suggesting that they don’t style their fridge before taking the snap or else any potential relationships will start off on the untruthful ground.

They also suggest users pay close attention to the photos they match with to help them come up with a witty opening remark. Do you think true love can be found at the bottom of the crisper drawer?

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