This 3D Artist Makes Live Moving Escher-Like Designs

This 3D Artist Makes Live Moving Escher-Like Designs

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Matthieu Braccini is a motion designer based in Nantes/Paris. He is known for making Escher-like moving art.

Maurits Cornelis Escher was a famous Dutch graphic artist. He was known for his mathematically-inspired work often exploring concepts of infinity.


Here is some of Braccini's work from his Instagram account. This first piece is called "Impossible construction no 7" and features a never-ending loop passing a ball around. "No sense but it works... " writes the designer.

This next work is of a bridge that keeps changing sides. It is simply called "Impossible construction no 6."

This moving triangle is called "Adaptative Penrose Triangle... Impossible construction n°5." Can you tell where it starts and where it ends?

"TURN YOUR PHONE ⚠️Chess Upside Down," says Braccini and you can see why. This illustration features a moving chess board complete with rotating pieces.

Braccini calls this one bathroom maybe because it looks like a bathroom. There is a square piece in the center that seems to travel on an infinite loop.

This one is called waterfall and stars a ball that seems to be traveling down a waterfall-like structure.

"BUGBUGBUGBUG?" says this one and features an explosive change of direction.

Braccini asks the audience to tun their phone for this one. Whichever way you look at it it is bound to mess with your brain.

If you enjoyed these then you would certainly enjoy Escher's work. Perhaps his most famous piece is the drawing hands:

This one is entitled Waterfall:

Finally, here is some of his symmetry work entitled Circle Limit:

Watch the video: Building Blocks for a Great Painting - LIVE Paint Party with Drew Brophy (May 2022).


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