Drone Sighting Causes 143 Flights to Be Cancelled at Frankfurt Airport

Drone Sighting Causes 143 Flights to Be Cancelled at Frankfurt Airport

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A drone sighting caused Frankfurt airport to shut down for nearly an hour on Thursday morning, reported The Local. 143 take-offs and landings were cancelled and 48 aircraft already in the air were diverted to other airports after the drone was spotted.

However, police said the incident was cleared at 8.18 am. The drone was reported to be approximately 1.5 meters in diameter.

Drohnensichtung am @Airport_FRA . Flugbetrieb im Zeitraum von 07:27 bis 08:15 Uhr eingestellt. Aufklärungs- und Fahndungsmaßnahmen der Sicherheitsbehörden wurden umgesetzt. Flugbetrieb seit 08:18 Uhr wieder aufgenommen. Unsere Pressemitteilung folgt.

— Bundespolizei Flughafen Frankfurt am Main (@bpol_air_fra) May 9, 2019

This is the second such incident since March. Two months ago, flights were grounded for half an hour at the airport after another drone was spotted.

The result was lengthy delays and the cancellation of 60 flights. This is because in Germany drone flights over the take-off and landing area at airports are illegal.

Police are now investigating the sighting. Last December, Gatwick Airport, close to London, was shut down due to a series of drones flying over the runways.

Officials reported that the disturbance was not terror-related but was deliberate and industrial grade drones were used.

Watch the video: Heathrow drone sighting disrupts departures (July 2022).


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