Huawei Will Give a Full Refund To Philippines Users Who Can No Longer Use Facebook Or Google

Huawei Will Give a Full Refund To Philippines Users Who Can No Longer Use Facebook Or Google

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Huawei is struggling to adapt to the consequences of an escalation in trade tensions between the U.S. and China.

In doing so, it has opted to make a very pro-consumer move today — in the Philippines at least.

In the same week the phone company announced they expect to lose $30 billion in revenue due to America's trade ban, the company states they will give any user whose phone can no longer use Facebook or Google apps in the Philippines, a full refund.


An attractive refund

The on-going trade ban on Huawei isn't affecting sales at home. The company’s latest Honor 20 series has sold over 1 million Honor 20 smartphones in 14 days. The company also sold 30,000 units of Honor 20 Pro in just 3 seconds after launch today, Huawei Central reports.

According to a Revu report though, Huawei's distributors in the Philippines are running a refund program for buyers who have been adversely affected by the trade ban.

A full refund is available in the Philippines from more than 30 partner retailers and dealers that are part of the program.

You will be able to apply for the refund if Google apps and services like Play Store, Gmail, and Youtube no longer function on your device. The same also applies to phones that can no longer run Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

The one condition is that your phone should be bought within 2 years.

Get rid of Google and Facebook instead?

Seeing as Google and Facebook currently account for a huge amount of people's times spent on their devices, and allow access to different services and sign up functions, the refund program seems like a very fair move by the retailers.

A Gizmodo journalist recently outlined the surprising effects of trying to 'deGoogle' on her life — it turns out we're so dependant on the search giant that people who make efforts to get rid of the company's services find themselves running late to meetings and missing invitations.

Will Huawei expand the refund to help others around the globe who can't fathom going a day without Google and Facebook apps? Only time will tell.

Watch the video: Huawei เสนอคนเงนเตมจำนวน หากแอพฯ Google และ Facebook หยดทำงาน (July 2022).


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