Impossible Foods' Meatless Patty Coming to a Grocery Store near You

Impossible Foods' Meatless Patty Coming to a Grocery Store near You

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You may be watching your carbon footprint of late, and luckily for you, Impossible Foods' plant-based 'burger' patties will be available for purchase straight off the shelves as of September 4, thanks to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) approval.

"Try it and don't taste the difference" is one of the American company's mottos. True to form, the patties certainly don't look any different to your regular meaty hamburger, and surprisingly they also don't taste any different.


The only difference is that you'll be enjoying a carbon-footprint free and meat-free product. Guilt-free eating, what more could you want?

Why has the FDA been holding back on the approval?

The main 'culprit' that was holding the FDA back from granting approval to Impossible Foods selling its meatless meat directly from supermarkets was soy leghemoglobin.

Used as a color additive, this is what makes the patty look, smell, and even taste like meat, without containing any meat at all.

Impossible Foods has been engineering the iron-containing soy leghemoglobin for years to perfect its meat resemblance.

The FDA's concern has been the general safety for humans of consuming the additive, as it had never been used before.

After approving it last year, the company, which was already selling their cooked products in restaurants around the globe. They then had to obtain another permission: to sell their uncooked vegan patties in grocery stores.

FDA approves color additive petition for Impossible Foods' soy leghemoglobin as it gears up for Sept retail launch https://t.co/jE5EPJj78A

— HarvestLinks (@harvestlinks) August 1, 2019

"We've been engaging with the FDA for half a decade to ensure that we are completely compliant with all food-safety-regulations," said Impossible Foods chief legal officer Dana Wagner.

Meatless eating is gaining popularity globally

Nielsen data found that one out of five households in the U.S. is purchasing meat substitutes. That's roughly over 65 million Americans currently not eating meat or the equivalent of France's entire population.

Mostly due to health reasons, this number is likely to keep increasing.

Furthermore, $893 million were spent in grocery stores across the States on meatless products or meat substitutes last year alone. That's a pretty big market that will most likely increase if more companies such as Impossible Foods add their goods to the shelves.

These plant-based patties are all the rage and with the FDA's approval, will keep getting popular.

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