9 of the Funniest Puns Displayed on Public Signs in Colorado

9 of the Funniest Puns Displayed on Public Signs in Colorado

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There are few moments in life where puns and 'dad jokes' truly get a belly laugh, which is a shame as they can be quite witty! Plays on words and simple yet effective jokes can turn a situation into a lighthearted, sweet moment, and make us all forget a terrible day.

There is someone out there, in the state of Colorado though, who takes his puns very seriously. And we're grateful for it!


Vince Rozmiarek, a local Colorado man, started placing puns on a big sign right by the road in his town of Indian Hills. This all started off as an April Fool's joke, but as his puns were truly pun-tastic and hilarious, Rozmiarek kept up his good work.

The town now boasts countless puns to its name, even creating a dedicated Facebook page with over 90,000 followers, where the images of the signs can be viewed.

Here are nine of the best ones in our humble opinion.

1. The Apple store break-in

Playing the good cop, this is a new way of looking for trespassers. Witty with his Apple verbiage, maybe the social media giant could learn a thing or two from Rozmiarek?

2. A little nationality playfulness

Heading out of California and into the fresh air of Norway, this one's for the naval enthusiasts. It also works for those interested in nationalities!

3. Electrical pun - we mean, fun

This would be a great one if said out loud, without the writing in front of you. Regardless, it still brings out a chuckle or two, admit it, you laughed too.

4. The never-ending saga of Star Wars

Rozmiarek pokes fun at the fact that the Star Wars movies just keep amassing in numbers and we'll soon see the day where Luke will be a grandpa. This would make for a good sequel!

5. This one is for the mathematicians out there

Even Rozmiarek jokes about puns in this one, but even more so about math. The English language is fascinating in how many different usages for the same word can be used, and this is a perfect example of that.

6. Fridge jokes never get old

Your face would most likely light up too when facing a new fridge! This one is an eye-roller pun, but a funny one at that.

7. Now one for the close attention

Crossfit has almost become a religion, with every crossfitter raring to share their CrossFit story of the day. Sometimes, we do wish they would take this simple piece of advice, though:

8. For all of you who've lost luggage when traveling

Inevitably, a suitcase gets lost in an airport, sometimes never to be found again. Rozmiarek takes a lighthearted approach to it here, enough to make you smile over your lost luggage.

9. And last but certainly not the least...

This one's short and simple and worth laughing out loud for. We've all been there!

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