Tesla Model 3 and the Netherlands Set Another Record Together

Tesla Model 3 and the Netherlands Set Another Record Together

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Just ten days ago, the 10,000th Tesla Model 3 was registered in the Netherlands, making it the most popular car in the country. The Netherlands became the European country with the second-largest amount of electric vehicles, after Norway.

The Netherlands has kept on this upward trend with the Tesla Model 3, as reports have shown that just in Q3, the country has registered more than6,000 units.

This means that over 60% of the Tesla Model 3s registered in the Netherlands have been made in Q3 alone.


What do the reports say?

In Q3, drivers in the Netherlands have registered 6,251Teslas in total. Out of those numbers, 96.8% of them were the Tesla Model 3.

The month that saw the highest trend for the Tesla Model 3 registrations was September when 35% of the vehicles were registered in that month alone. Wednesday this week was the highest sales day for the vehicle to date, adding more than 10% of the month's entire registrations.

— TeslaEVangelist (@TeslaDiehardFan) September 27, 2019

The Tesla Model 3 in the Netherlands

Before the Tesla Model 3 took over sales in the north western European nation, the VW Polo was the highest contender. The VW Polo is a gas-powered vehicle, and as of now, the German car company has not mentioned any plans to build electric vehicles.

As we can see, though, electric vehicles are slowly but steadily becoming a favorite in European countries.

One of the main pushes towards electric cars is the continent's upcoming ban on petrol-powered vehicles. Eight European nations in total, including the Netherlands, have passed legislation that will ban and outlaw the sale of gas vehicles in the future.

In the Netherlands, this ban will start as early as 2030.

In general, the Tesla Model 3 is selling very well. In Germany, they have jumped up to over 400%, and in the U.K., the Model 3 is the third top-selling vehicle in the country.

Watch the video: 4K Tesla Model 3 Test Driving Experience in the Netherlands Long Range Dual Motor AWD (July 2022).


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