Tinder Is Releasing an Interactive Bandersnatch-style TV Show About the End of the World

Tinder Is Releasing an Interactive Bandersnatch-style TV Show About the End of the World

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What would you do if you and the rest of humanity only had a few hours left to live? That's the question a new short-form interactive TV show will expect you to answer.

And this show comes from... not Netflix, not Hulu or HBO, but Tinder. Yes, Tinder now has a TV show that will be viewable exclusively on the app.

What's more, the choices users make in the show — by swiping left or right — will have a bearing on the type of matches they will get on the dating app.


The end of the world

A huge meteor is hurtling through deep space towards Earth, and we all only have a few hours left to live. What do we do? That is the premise behind Tinder's new series, called Swipe Night.

The show will give viewers/players an immersive first-person view of what's happening, all while making them choose what to do in the last hours of the protagonist's life.

The first-person view and vertical camera angle give the show a found footage feel, lending it a realistic quality, similar to Cloverfield. Think less alien evasion and more end-of-the-world dating high jinks though.

Choices in fiction affecting reality

The story progresses with users making key choices throughout, much in the same way as Black Mirror's recent experiment with Bandersnatch and Bear Grylls' Man vs. Wild, which are both on Netflix.

There's a meta twist though — one that feels like it could actually make its way into a Black Mirror episode.

The choices a user makes in the show will be added to their real-life Tinder profile. Potential real matches will know what they're in for when things get rough.

Swipe Night will be released as four short episodes every Sunday of October, starting October 6 at 6 p.m. local time.

The choices we make at the end of the world reveal who we really are. What will your #SwipeNight choices say about you? Tune in 6 PM Sundays in October for the interactive adventure where your choices can lead to matches. Visit for more.

— Tinder (@Tinder) October 1, 2019

"Dating is all about connection and conversation, and Swipe Night felt like a way to take that to the next level. Our hope is that it will encourage new, organic conversations based on a shared content experience," Ravi Mehta, Tinder's Chief Product Officer, told CNET.

If a Black Mirror-style Tinder TV series isn't a conversation starter, we don't know what is.

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