11 Goofy Halloween Costumes for Couples and Families

11 Goofy Halloween Costumes for Couples and Families

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Halloween is one of the most searched words on Google these days. Spooky days are coming but the question of "what to wear?" lingers. If you're making plans of going to a party with your partner or your family, here are some fun and wallet-friendly costume ideas.

1. Skeleton Family

Speaking of spooky, we had to start with skeletons. These glow in the dark jumpsuits are pajamas at the same time so if wanted, you can keep the Halloween spirit alive even after the party. They are made of 100% polyester and super soft. They're available in all sizes so you can order one for you, your partner and for your kids too.

2. Ketchup, Mustard and Sweet Relish

This trio is not only inseparable but also irresistible! This is a great option for a family of three. Especially if you're looking to stay lowkey this Halloween. They are made of cotton and high-quality fabric.

3. Burger And Fries

Go ahead and treat yourself a cheat meal this Halloween. This fast-food combo is for inseparable couples. These tasty costumes are lightweight and soft so you can dance, run around, or even take part in a food fight. They are made of polyester and resistant to wrinkles or shrinking. A little note: they have to be hand-washed with cold water.

4. Waldo Family

How about going all stripy this Halloween? Wearing matching "Waldo" costumes is such a cute idea for families. Men's and children's sets include a hat, glasses, a T-shirt, while women's sets feature socks.

5. Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles Flintstone

Wearing Flintstones costumes is such a classic for Halloween. This cartoon was the best of its time. How about visiting the stone age for a day? You can purchase Wilma, Fred, and even Pebbles Flintstones costumes for your family.


6. Peanut Butter and Jelly

If you're looking for another matching costume idea for Halloween, this may be one of your options. Because nothing goes better together than the good old PB+J. Time to figure out who's the PB and who's the J in your relationship.

7. The Incredibles

An all-time favorite family costume idea: the Incredible Family. If your family consists of superheroes too, you should consider these Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Dash, and Baby Jack costumes. If you're not that into costumes, you can just wear Incredible Family T-shirts at the party. You can get them as a bundle or one by one.

8. Milk and Cookie

Picking a costume for couples must be tough with all the perfect options. This milk and chocolate chip cookie costumes signal a delicious union indeed! This costume set is unisex and it's one size fits most adults.

9. Penguin Family

Brace yourself for the cuteness. If you have a baby, you can dress your little one as a penguin this year. This baby costume is soft and stretchy, so your baby can be comfortable while being the star of the party. You can also purchase yourself adult size penguin costumes, and waddle around your baby.

10. Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. is a heart-warming Disney classic and provided us with excellent costume ideas. You can be Boo, Mike and Sullivan this Halloween, according to your personality. Adult costumes can also be used as pajamas, so you're welcome to wear these any night of the year.

11. Toy Story

Toy Story is another great Disney classic that holds a dear memory for most of us. There are both adult and children sizes of these costumes. You can be Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Jessie separately or as a family. Andy would be delighted to see you!

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