Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Set to Exceed "Insane" Prototype

Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Set to Exceed

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Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen recently made an appearance on Tesla fan podcast Ride the Lightning, saying the new Tesla Roadster will be better than the current prototype "in every way."

The Tesla executive's overdue update on the much anticipated Tesla supercar indicates that the car will be even more impressive than expected.


An evolving supercar

When asked about Tesla's upcoming next-gen Roadster, von Holzhausen said the electric supercar has been "evolving" since it was first unveiled two years ago.

The Chief Designer claimed that the production vehicle will be even better than the already impressive prototype.

“It’s evolving, deservedly so, it needs more time. It will be even better than what we’ve unveiled. In every way,” von Holzhausen said.

Next-gen Tesla Roadster production car will exceed the vehicle's already-insane prototype ‘in every way,’ says Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen in rare interview

— TESLARATI (@Teslarati) October 20, 2019

As Teslarati points out, the specs for the prototype that came out of a Tesla Semi truck two years ago, were already incredibly eyecatching, making von Holzhausen's claim very exciting.

The next-gen Roadster prototype was said to go 0-60 mph (0-96 kph) in 1.9 seconds, have a top speed of over 250 mph (402 kph), and a range of 620 miles (997 km) per charge thanks to a 200 kWh battery.

A smackdown to gasoline cars

At Roadster's initial unveiling, Elon Musk said the supercar is built to deliver "a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars."

The car is an updated version of the first Tesla vehicle, which was inspired by the Lotus Elise.

Going into plaid

— Tesla (@Tesla) November 17, 2017

Production of the Roadster is expected to begin in 2020. Buyers will have to fork out upwards of $200,000 USD for the upcoming electric supercar.

(H/T to Teslarati)

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