Apple and Valve to Supposedly Work on AR Headset Together

Apple and Valve to Supposedly Work on AR Headset Together

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Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) headsets have been an ongoing and still relatively unknown project for Apple. Sometimes we hear the company is working on a set of VR/AR glasses, and other times it's not.

Supposedly, the project is back up again, and Apple has shaken hands with Valve, an American video game developer and producer, to run the project side by side.

The alleged plan is to have a headset ready to hit the stands by 2020.


The Apple and Valve project

The news of Apple and Valve's AR headset project has been shared thanks to a report by online source DigiTimes.

Apple And Valve Reportedly Collaborating To Develop AR Glasses For Gamers

— BITPRIME.CO (@Bitprimeco) November 6, 2019

It was an International Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, who recently stated in a report that the headset would go into mass production at the end of 2019, and be ready to launch by 2020.

Previous reports have stated that codes in XCode 11 and iOS 13 were already present for Apple's AR headset. This isn't massively surprising news, however, as Apple already works with both companies.

Apple AR headset

Apple has been toying with AR software for a while now, but never have they concretized their ideas. Releasing an AR headset would bring forward all their behind-the-scenes work on futuristic technology.

Apple and Valve hand in hand to develop an augmented reality headset

— News clubi (@ClubiNews) November 4, 2019

It would certainly be interesting to see how AR could be used in a non-gaming environment.

Rumors that Apple's AR headset prototype is named 'Grata' have been circulating online.

It wouldn't be hugely surprising if the company tried to offer their headset as part of the iPhone experience somehow. Given Apple has spent quite some time umming and ahhing over AR/VR headsets, what they will eventually create will likely draw a few impressed and exclamatory remarks.

We're still waiting for Apple to confirm the new glasses, so don't run to the shops quite yet.

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